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FileSafely is an add on application that works with your storage provider to:
- Add printing and saving controls for PDFs  
- Help Attorneys exchange confidential client files
- Track who has accessed your documents
-"Undo" file access ... even after download

FileSafely can help address your Document Sharing Security Concerns.

Undo File Sharing

Oops! Did you accidentally share a
confidential document with the wrong person?

A split second after pressing send on an email, you noticed that you sent the document to the wrong person by mistake. FileSafely prevents these types of mistakes before it’s too late.

With FileSafely’s ‘Undo’ button you are able to revoke a users' access to a document, even after it has been downloaded to their computer or mobile device!  Just click the ‘Undo’ button and  users will no longer have access to the document... no opening, no deleting, no sharing... nothing.

Control Printing and Saving

Are your Dropbox documents too
confidential for group sharing?

FileSafely’s printing and saving features control how people interact with your shared files. Currently with Dropbox, once you share a document or folder with others, the file(s) can be deleted, downloaded, altered or posted anywhere. Also, everyone with access to shared documents sees who else has access, too.

FileSafely allows you to share Dropbox files and folders privately.

With FileSafely, shared files may be designated as "view only" to prevent printing and saving of confidential information. Additionally, printing and saving permissions can be customized for a document to provide individualized controlled access by users... clients, colleagues or customers.

Detailed Reporting

Have you ever wondered if others actually opened or modified a document you shared with them through Dropbox?

FileSafely answers this question and many more with our detailed reporting features. Our reports provide a complete picture of who has accessed your documents and when.

FileSafely's detailed reports also provide you with the administrative capabilities to easily meet a variety of regulatory and audit standards, thereby eliminating cumbersome and inefficient manual compliance systems.

With FileSafely, you will always be compliant.

Document Watermarking

Are your confidential files being
shared with unauthorized parties?

Protect your sensitive information with FileSafely’s confidential watermark which is digitally layered on top of PDF documents. The dynamic watermark includes the user's name and the date, time and IP address at the moment of access.

Downloaded or printed files will display the dynamic confidential watermark when our watermark feature is enabled. This is the perfect solution to protect shared documents containing your confidential information, intellectual property and more.